We are passionate about live events, music and entertainment.  We believe people are craving more communal, and personalized, experiences that touch their emotions and create lasting memories.  We know this from our experience in the category.

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We believe in immersive brand experiences.  We believe transacting is about more than just selling products or services online or in a store.  Today's leading consumer brands go beyond the core product or service to build lasting and emotional relationships.  We've been there and witnessed it firsthand.

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We build relationships.  We leverage our network.  We focus on our strengths and natural talents. We set realistic goals and work with our partners to achieve them.


Backline Partners is a RELATIONSHIP FIRST consulting, strategy, management and investment firm.  We believe the best path to value creation is through better, more meaningful relationships with employees, customers, vendors and partners.  This perspective, developed over years of working in private equity investing, event production and operations, experiential marketing, and strategic advisory, is the foundation of our strategy as we help:

Entrepreneurs, business owners, leadership teams and key stakeholders who are at an inflection point with their business by providing valuable feedback, perspective, tactical expertise and access to a deep network of relationships to help figure out how to best position their company for growth and long-term success

People leaders and culture managers create more meaningful incentive programs, culture building and community fostering ideas, strategies and opportunities

Meeting, event and experience planners identify, plan and access unique corporate and group event concepts and experiences, and book high-quality talent and intimate, VIP experiences

Advertisers and marketers interested in standing out from the crowd understand and find culturally relevant experiential and event marketing, strategic partnership and sponsorship opportunities

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Goods and services are no longer enough to foster economic growth, create new jobs, and maintain economic prosperity. To realize revenue growth and increased employment, the staging of experiences must be pursued as a distinct form of economic output. Indeed, in a world saturated with largely undifferentiated goods and services, the greatest opportunity for value creation resides in staging experiences.
— B. Joseph Pine II & James H. Gilmore, The Experience Economy

Photography provided by Unsplash