The team at Backline Partners is on a mission to help entrepreneurs of consumer facing businesses adapt to the new realities of the Experience Economy, a concept first proposed in 1998 by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, two forward thinking individuals who have made a living challenging conventional business thinking.

We understand that in order for entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and position their companies for long term success, they need not only capital and "institutional level" expertise in key functional areas, but also new perspective that strengthens customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction.

Backline believes today's path to success lies in immersing customers in experiences that provide value above and beyond the core product or service offering.


Backline Partners takes a relationship first approach to partnering with entrepreneurs.  We firmly believe that successful partnerships are driven by having the right people involved and working together.  Without equal influence and proper alignment of values and goals, it's much more difficult to build a successful and lasting business.

What We've Achieved

  • Depth of experience and relationships across a variety of industry verticals.
  • Unique ability to foster partnerships that allow for balanced collaboration, transparent communication and leveraging collective strengths.
  • Understanding of how to best position growing businesses for future growth, sale or strategic partnership.
  • Track record of, and unique approach to, sourcing investment opportunities.
  • Ability to enter from scratch, and quickly understand, consumer facing industry segments.  Proven experience in both the Media & Entertainment and Consumer industry verticals.
  • Perspectives in both private equity and business management, operations and execution.

Photography provided by Unsplash